Welcome to the Gorham School of Music, Maine

Creating community one note at a time…

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Our community music school serves artists of all ages, levels and styles.  Enroll today!

Group classes and private lessons are available for guitar, voice, drums, piano, bass, cello, violin/fiddle, mandolin, banjo, marimba, ukulele and rock bands.

Our next ‘Fifth Friday’ Drum Circle will be happening on July 29th from 6-7 o’clock.
These sessions are for musicians of all ages and experience levels…come learn the vibrant rhythms of West Africa and drum with friends old and new.  Free to the community!!!

Summer is a wonderful time to expand musical horizons…we offer both youth and intermediate rock bands that meet every week.  Please check our schedule page for details.
Both rock groups are a great opportunity for musicians with playing experience to apply their knowledge, supplement their lessons, learn some new material with a band and make connections with other artists in the community.  You can register via email or by calling us at 839-3900.

In order to simplify the payment process and better serve all of you, we have transitioned to end-of-the-month billing.  Beginning in June, you will receive an invoice after that month’s lessons and sessions are completed.  Those who prefer to pay weekly are welcome to continue.