Welcome to the Gorham School of Music, Maine

Creating community one note at a time… Check our schedule here.

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Our community music school serves artists of all ages, levels and styles.  Enroll today!

Group classes and private lessons are available for guitar, marimba, piano, cello, violin/fiddle, drums, voice, banjo, bass, ukulele and rock bands.

We are excited to announce our annual winter concert which will be held on Saturday, December 5th.  There are two separate performances (2-3:30 and 4-5:30)…sign up today.  Rock Band I (youth), Rock Band II (12 and up), and Marimba Ensemble are on-going and happening now.  Our Homeschool Programs will begin new trimesters on December 1st and 2nd.  Please check our class page and schedule for more details!

Both rock groups are a great opportunity for musicians with playing experience to apply their knowledge, supplement their lessons, learn some new material with a band and make connections with other artists in the community.  You can register and enroll via email or by calling us at 839-3900.

We’re looking forward to performing for the residents of the Inn at Village Square/Avesta House retirement community with strings, rock ensembles, marimbas and more!