Welcome to the Gorham School of Music, Maine

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Creating community one note at a time…

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Studio Expansion Complete!!!  We have added 3 rooms to our school and are looking forward to the arrival of our newest acoustic piano.

Happy Summer to students and teachers alike!  Taking a break from school doesn’t have to mean taking a break from learning…this is an amazing time to study a new instrument, join a band and continue growing as a musician.  Of course, these months provide plenty of time to practice, write songs and connect with other members of our community through ensemble experience.

Our community music school serves artists of all ages, levels and styles.

Classes and lessons are on-going and you can enroll at any time!

Group classes and private lessons are available for guitar, marimba, piano, cello, violin/fiddle, drums, voice, banjo, bass, ukulele and rock bands.


A special shout-out to all of our amazing and talented performers for an incredible spring concert on May 17th.  Thanks for the music everyone!